Zagreb, December 12, 2017 - What after an active sports career or how to easily adapt to the labor market conditions? – these were the questions answered at the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity one-day Athlete Career Programme organized in cooperation with the partner Adecco Group).

On behalf of the co-organizer, the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO), its President Zlatko Mateša opened this sports event - held at the hotel Westin in Zagreb – with a welcoming speech.

The instructor was Claudia Bokel, three-time fencing Olympian from Germany, Chair of the IOC/IPC Athlete Career Program within the Adecco Group. She was assisted by a trophy-winning Italian Olympian in shooting Niccolo Campriani, a member of the same IOC Program, as well as the IOC’s employee Jovina Choo, a sailing Olympian from Singapore (Rio 2016). Seven-time Croatian Olympian Zoran Primorac, an ever more prominent lecturer-instructor at his parent International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was engaged to assist in the implementation of the training. Simon Jones from the World Academy of Sport (WAoS) participated as observer and occasionally as assistant to the instructor.

The participants had the opportunity to learn the basic determinants of joining the business world or all that a young man would need at a fresh start through lectures, presentations and conversations. At the IOC's training for Croatian athletes, one could hear practical advices, such as how to write a job application or a resume, what mistakes to avoid, how to do a job interview and how to leave the best initial impression as well as many other useful tips.

The training was attended by 28 female and male athletes, even though there were a dozen more among the applicants. Some of them, such as Igor Vori or Tonči Valčić were prevented in participating in this "valuable" training by their sports activities. In their absence, handball was represented by Ivana Dežić, Jelena Kajfeš and Marijeta Vidak, basketball by Mate Skelin, Sandra Mandir and Ana Lelas, volleyball by Marija Anzulović, Ivona Ćaćić, Marino Marelić and Tea Kačić Bartulović, etc. There were numerous karate representatives as well: Ana Marija Bujas Čelan, Vlatka Kiuk, Luka Požgaj, Enes Garibović and Besim Aliti, while judo was represented by Luka Leško. Gymnastics was represented by trophy-winning Marijo Možnik, followed by Matija Baron, Anton Kovačević and Leonardo Kušan. Double Olympian Mario Vekić was the only rower, Ivan Milakovic was the only water polo player, Vanja Blažun was the only tennis player. The IOC’s "Career after career" training raised strong interest in our Paralympians as well, having it thus participated by: Branimir Budetić, Matija Grebenić, Ante Rađa, Dino Sinovčić and Kristijan Vincetić.

Karate representative Ana Marija Bujas Čelan gave the first-hand message on the success of training:
- Although I am a person who, along with an active sports career, manages to work as well, I can say that this training provides valuable guidelines and instructions to athletes looking for a business engagement after a career. It was very useful to take part in it.