Zagreb, December 2, 2017 - The first generation of sports male and female coaches, arising from the expert training program launched by the Croatian Olympic Academy (HOA) in cooperation with the Croatian Mountaineering Federation (HPS) was promoted at the Zagreb's Sheraton hotel.

Before the presentation of the coaching diplomas, the Vice-President of the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO), renowned rowing Olympian Damir Martin, welcomed the audience and stated, among other things:
- Sports climbing contains all the elements of the Olympic motto: faster, more, stronger, and I wish you to conquer the Olympic peaks as soon as possible...

Croatian Football Federation’s President Hrvoje Kraljević and Secretary General Darko Berljak welcomed new coaches from the podium. Iva Dobravc, Petra Fabijanić, Silena Košara, Tiziana Perhat, Hrvoje Bratić, Frane Čulić, Petar Gojtanić, Fran Horvat, Nenad Jović, Ivica Kljak, Alan Križanić, Ivan Ljubičić, Goran Matika, Krešimir Morić, Mario Musulin, Ivan Pevec, Zaviša Šimac, Ivan Štefičar, Ivan Tomičić, Eduard Tudor, Slaven Vručinić, Marko Žabčić and Pere Županović have been promoted to male and female coaches of sport climbing.
Director of the Croatian Olympic Academy, Saša Ceraj, presented the thank-you notes for extraordinary merits in realization of the premier coaching program to the Croatian Mountaineering Federation, National Park Paklenica and to the versatile individual - Nenad Jović.

Sport climbing instructor and coach, sport climber and coordinator of the training program for coaches, emphasized the seriousness of this sport in his final word.
- In the postulate of sport climbing, it is stated that this a competitive sport in which physical preparation is the most important thing that makes a contestant successful i.e. the winner. And this requires regular training and expert coaching. This was the starting point for this education program as well and I'm glad we did it successfully. Our sport has recently been included in the program of Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020, which best describes its seriousness - said Jović.

Sport climbing can also boast of the first young Olympian, more precisely – a female Olympian. At the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires next year, Croatia will be represented in bouldering, lead and speed discipline by the 16-year-old Jani Zoraj who qualified for the Olympics based on this year's placement in the world rankings. In a slightly older age, the World's Best Junior in 2016, Borna Čujić, is a potential Olympic ace for Tokyo 2020.