Zagreb, October 4, 2017 - How a talented young footballer with suddenly ended career due to a broken leg became a top athlete? The 64th issue of Croatian Olympic Committee's (HOO) magazine Olimp brings you the explanation of this miraculous sports turn through the story about European Junior Champion at 800 meters Marin Bloudek.

The ease of achieving hits in his rich sports career shown by one of the best water polo players of all time Milivoj Bebić. How did the Croatian Olympic Committee celebrate the first appearance of Croatian athletes at the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992 and a number of other topics from the latest issue of the Olimp magazine no. 64

Of course, we have not forgotten the Croatian sports legends and Olimp's latest edition brings us back to the 80's of the last century when one of the best water polo players of all time, Milivoj Bebić, showed the ease of achieving the goals.

A reminder of the Croatian athletes' first appearance at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona in 1992 stands out in the abundance of sports articles, while the section History of Croatian Sports brings interesting sketch stories from the history of Osijek football and Split's rowing notable Gusar. In the column from Olimp to Olimp, we offer you numerous events from the Croatian Olympic life between the two editions of the Olymp magazine. You can find the latest, as well as archive numbers of Olimp, at this link.  (coc/vk)