Zagreb, July 3, 2017 - Following with great care the news in the Croatian sport and the influence of sports notables in its creation, the new, 63rd edition of Olimp was released in June this year. This edition of Olimp brings a comprehensive interview with chief operative of the Croatian Olympic Committee, Secretary General Josip Čop, re-elected to this position - for the fourth time - in May this year and silver Olympian, water polo player Damir Polić.

In the Olympic Hope section, Olimp presents the prominent kayaker, Antun Novaković.

This edition of Olimp brings also the author's views on sports psychology, sports professionals, position of women in sports, network of Olympic museums in the world and other topics, with an insight into the latest Croatian publications, internet modernization of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s members and many events, including the Croatian celebration of the International Olympic Day. (COC / rj)