Zagreb, January 16, 2017 (Hina) – The highest state awards in the field of sports, the awards "Franjo Bučar", awarded by the Republic of Croatia for exceptional achievements and especially significant contribution to the development of sports in Croatia, were presented at the ceremony held on Monday, January 16 in the premises of the Ministry of Science and Education.

The award is named after the father of our Olympism Franjo Bučar, and it is awarded for many years of successful work in sports, winning an Olympic medal, extraordinary scientific, professional or pedagogic success or sports achievement, which – for the year 2016 – went to Ivo Vidović, MD – posthumously, Jelica Pavličić Štefančić and Luciano Sušanj.

The Committee in charge for presenting the State Award for Sports "Franjo Bučar", led by Damir Knjaz, decided to present - besides three awards for lifetime achievement - twelve awards for 2016 to: Zoran Veselinović, Maro Joković, Andro Bušlje, Bono Bošnjak, Marija Anzulović, Veselin Đuho, Sanja Jovanović, Goran Čolak, Velimir Šandor, Mirela Šikoronja Ivančin, Danial Tamim and Croatian Female Table Tennis Team.
The awards were presented by Kresimir Šamija, Acting Deputy Secretary of the Central State Office for Sports and Chairman of the Board Damir Knjaz.