ZAGREB, 9th September 2013 (Hina) -In the presence of many notables of Croatian sports, on September 9th in the Journalists’ Home in Zagreb, the book "Croatia and Olympic medals” by Jurica Gizdic, the most productive researcher of the Croatian sports history, was presented. The book published by Alfa d.d. from Zagreb and supported by the Croatian Olympic Committee brings the biographies of 291 Olympians who have indebted the Croatian sports, but also the community as a whole.

From Paris Olympics in 1900 up to the London Olympics in 2012, from Milan Neralic, the first Croat winner of Olympic medal, to Sandra Perkovic, the gold winning athlete in London, the public was disclosed, for the first time, the biographies of Croats that are incorporated into the Croatian and world Olympic movement. “This is a unique book in which, along with the biographies of our Olympians, not only sports and Olympic, but also the Croatian political history is written”, said the COC President Mr. Zlatko Matesa at the presentation of the book.

According to Danira Bilic Nakic, the silver winning basketball player at the Olympics in 1988, who spoke on behalf of the Croatian Olympians Club, the book “Croatia and Olympic medals” comes as a wonderful gift at a time when the Croatian Parliament definitively voted the compensation for sports excellence to the best Croatian athletes, which was a debt to the Croatian Olympic athletes, the best ambassadors of our country.

The book “ Croatia and Olympic medals”, which – as announced by the publishing house „Alfa“ – will be available not only in their bookstores, but also in the school libraries across Croatia, will be an introduction into a series of books on our best coaches, the most successful Croatian athletes, while the Crown of the publishing venture of Jurica Gizdic, as mentioned by the President of the Croatian Sports Journalists AssociationMr. Jura Ozmec , should be a book about all the Croatian athletes who performed at the Olympics and it should be published on the eve of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The author himself Mr. Jurica Gizdic, the Vice President of the Croatian Society for History of Sport wanted to show with this book, which was a result of years of research of the history of our sports, how much the Croatian Sports have brought to the Olympic Movement and the extent of the Croatian Olympic medal holder in the former state Yugoslavia.