By the decision of the Electoral Assembly of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) from November 12th 2012, Zlatko Matesa will remain head of the COC in the mandate period 2012-2016.

By the decision of the Electoral Assembly of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) from November 12th 2012, Zlatko Matesa will remain head of the COC in the mandate period 2012-2016. He was elected unanimously, with 113 votes. Zlatko Matesa was the only candidate for president, and his nomination was highlighted by the Croatian Shooting Federation (HSS). The candidacy was supported by 35 National Sports Federations (NSS) of Olympic sports, 28 NSS of non-Olympic sports, 19 county sports federations and the Croatian Olympians Club.
This is Matesa’s fourth mandate as the head of the COC. At the special Electoral Assembly of the COC in 2002 he was elected for president with 74 votes, while his rival Luciano Susanj got 39 votes. In the mandate period 2004-2008 Matesa was elected with 61 votes, while his rival Ivica Miocic Stosic got 56 votes, while in the last mandate Matesa was elected unanimously.
Before voting, the presidential candidate Matesa presented to the Assembly members the priorities in the period from 2012 to 2016. The athletes will be continuously provided the conditions for successful performances on multi-sports competitions, such as the forthcoming Mediterranean Games Mersin 2013, Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014, Olympics Rio 2016 and ten multi-sports competitions for young athletes. The COC development programs for athletes and coaches will be further improved, the cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Defence will be continued and improved as well, competing for EU funds will be performed and the changes of the actual tax system will be proposed in order to encourage sponsor’s investments in sports.
At the suggestion of President Matesa, four vice presidents of the COC were elected.
Zoran Primorac, head of the Croatian Olympians Club, will be in charge of the Croatian Olympic Council;
Luciano Susanj, head of the Croatian Athletics Federation, will be in charge of the local sports;
Morana Paliković Gruden, head of the Croatian Skating Federation, will be in charge of the Committee of winter sports;
Danko Radic, head of the Croatian Basketball Federation, will be in charge of the Committee for non-Olympic sports.
With them, the members of the Council were elected Boris Mesaric (Croatian Handball Federation), Branimir Basic (Croatian Rowing Federation), Bosko Lozica (Croatian Water Polo Federation), Francis Prot (Croatian Taekwondo Federation), Sanda Corak (Croatian Judo Federation), Marijan Hanžeković (Croatian Sailing Federation), Ivo-Goran Munivrana (Croatian Fencing Federation), Marijan Gorge (Sports Association of the Zadar County), Stellar Tuma Pavlov (Sports Board of Osijek-Baranja County), Miho Glavic (Croatian Ski Federation), Anto Nobilo (Zagreb sports Alliance).

Gordan Kozulj, chairman of the Athletes’ Commission of the COC becomes the member of the Council in accordance with the Olympic Charter and the COC Statute.
The Assembly members elected Ivan Jelencic (Croatian Shooting Federation), Goran Kovacic (Association of sports associations and federations of Zagreb County), Dusko Krstulovic (Croatian Rowing Federation), Stjepan Krznaric (Sports Association of Osijek-Baranja County) and Tomislav Paskvalin (Croatian Water Polo Federation and Croatian Olympians Club) for members of the Supervisory Board (SB), and Darko Cuvurija (Croatian Synchronized Swimming Federation), Katica Iles (Sports Association of Osijek-Baranja County), Mima Rajle Brodanac (Croatian Rowing Federation), Zeljko Draksic (Croatian Basketball Federation) and Renata Zivkovic (Croatian Water Polo Federation) for members of the Ethics Committee. The members will be elect the presidents at the first meeting.
The Electoral Assembly was monitored by Antun Vrdoljak, honorary member of the International Olympic Committee, Branko Tusek, commissioner of the President of the Republic of Croatia for Sports and Petar Skansi, Deputy Minister of Science, Education and Sports.