Zagreb, July 30, 2018 - While our athletes are winning medals for Our Beautiful Homeland all around the world, a medal that arrived at the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) on Monday was more than interesting.

Silver medal, along with the occasional Vice-Champion cup, was brought by the Croatian Olympic Committee’s President Zlatko Mateša himself. Namely, at the Air Cup competition – organized by the Aeroclub Vrsar in the area of the airport named after the nearby small Istrian city, Mateša took the second place in the ultra-light category of precision landing.

- Even though everybody was teasing me that silver does not go well with my surname, as well as with Head Coach Dalić’s surname, it is really a great pleasure and honor to be the second behind the Slovenian flight legend Benjamin Ličer – said Zlatko Mateša.

Since the competition also had an international standard, the performance of foreign airmen was not only permitted but also desirable. Given the 40-year flying experience (and fighting more than 300 fires throughout the career), the Slovenian Benjamin Ličer Benđo from AK Portorož was expected to score the best result.

In three ball sports, which he is recreationally practicing - water polo, football and beach volleyball, the Croatian Olympic Committee’s President is linked to Zagreb, while in his air flights his club destination is AK Vrsar. In addition to the flying school, AK Vrsar’s program includes acrobatic flights, skydiving school and adrenaline jumps in tandem. (coc/vk)