Brussels, November 24, 2018 - At the two-day 24th Congress and General Assembly of the European Fair Play Movement (EFPM) in Brussels, the representatives of national fair play committees considered the activities of the Association at the end of the year. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of EFPM Head Christian Hinterberger, attended by Croatian representatives - EFPM Executive Committee’s member Biserka Vrbek and Croatian Fair Play Committee (HFPO) Danira Bilić – active participants in its work.

At the special ceremony held during this annual meeting, the awards for extremely correct actions and gestures of male and female athletes, coaches, sports officials and associations undertaken during 2018 were presented, more precisely - between the two annual EFPM ceremonies.

Among the winners of ten-odd recognitions was the name of the first Croatian Luge Olympian, Daria Obratov, since recently performing for the Netherlands, who could not attend the ceremony because of the sports obligations. The award named Fair Play SPIRIT Award 2018 was received on behalf of Daria by her fitness coach Igor Stamenković.

Let’s remind you that Obratov was nominated for the European award by the Croatian Fair Play Committee (HFPO) and the candidacy process was carried out by the Croatian National Olympic Committee’s (HOO) the competent HOO services. The Initial proposal came from Dr. Vlasta Brozičević, with the consent of the Croatian and Indian Luge Federation. Namely, during the Olympic Qualifications at the beginning of December 2017, Obratov lent her luge to a multi-Olympian Indian Shiva Keshava, who secured with the lent luge his sixth appearance at the Winter Olympics held in February this year in Pyeongchang.

One of the curiosities of the 24th EFPM Congress in Brussels was the presentation of an interesting cartoon film made by the Italian NOC (CONI). In it, super heroes Ondina, Haka, Pivottino and Isa promote fair play values - sincerity, solidarity and care for the health and clean environment. (Cr.NOC/vk)