The Olympics in Tokyo 50 years ago (1964) as well as those in Los Angeles 30 years ago (1984) very certainly of historical significance for the Croatian sports. While the Games in Tokyo gave rise to the winners of silver medals and great names of Croatian and
world water polo, Ozren Bonacic, Antun Nardelli, Fran Nonkovic, Vinko Rosic, Karl Stipanic, Ivan Trumbic and Zlatko Šimenc, the Games in Los Angeles ended in winning ten Olympic medals - gold in handball (both competition), water polo, kayaking and wrestling, silver in kayaking and tennis and bronze in boxing, basketball and football.


Most Successful Athletes and Teams


The Croatian Olympic Committee introduced annual awards for the most successful Croatian athletes and teams, and most successful promoters of Croatia in the world at the third anniversary celebration of the COC’s admission to the international Olympic family held in the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb on 17 January 1995. In that same year, that date was declared the Great Day of Croatian Sport. In 1999, the COC introduced the Most Successful Disabled Athlete Award, and in 2001, the Most Successful Coach Award, presented to the most successful among those who coach Croatian athletes.

The criteria for all the categories are top rankings at the Olympic Games, world and European championships and cups, high results achieved by athletes in younger age groups, and the contribution of athletes and other team members to the reputation of Croatia and Croatian sport in the world.