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The third Youth Olympic Games (YOG) were held from 6 to 18 October 2018 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), under the slogans "Feel the Future" and "United by the Flame". For the first time in the history of Olympism, the Opening Ceremony Festival was held outside the stadium, at the host city main square and - for the first time in the history of Olympism – there was an equal number of female and male Olympians. There were as many as 4012 young female and male athletes from 206 countries, aged 15 to 18, competing in 37 sports and sports disciplines, including 36 Croatian male and female and representatives competing in ten sports.

The first Youth Olympics were held in Singapore in 2010, and the second edition of the Summer Youth Olympics took place in the Chinese host city of Nanjing in 2014. Compared to the other youth sports competitions, the Youth Olympics differ in the fact that they are offering a unique cultural and educational program dedicated to Olympism, social responsibility, skill development and healthy lifestyle.

Apart from the Olympic competition, Croatia was also represented in other activities related to the Youth Olympics. The Sports Ambassador (under the new name of Young Change Maker) this time was the swordsman Marija Lozančić from Osijek, and - among 30 young journalists in IOC’s media education that took place the during the Youth Olympics - was also our young reporter Filip Ožbolt from Rijeka, chosen as one of four European representatives.

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