The Croatian Olympic Committee and Sportske Novosti Croatian sports daily newspaper signed a cooperation agreement and started a common column titled Olympic Corner.

News and stories about Croatian and international sports are published in this column weekly, as well as activities of the Croatian Olympic Committee and its members, especially those, who are not given due media attention in daily newspapers. The first Olympic Corner was published on 5 May 2005.

Prominent Croatian sporting figures, top athletes and coaches and young talented athletes are featured in the Olympic Corner. There have also been stories about county sports associations, which participate in common sports programs, as well as those about current Olympic issues, international activities of the Croatian Olympic Committee, development programs and a number of other topics from the area of sport and Olympism.




SN 04.01.2007. Biatlon badminton

SN 11.01.2007. Zimska Univerzijada najava

SN 18.01.2007. Kongres Europske softball federacije

SN 25.01.2007. Stolni tenis Petar Gorsa

SN 01.02.2007. Univerzijada Igre Alpe-Jadran

SN 08.02.2007. Badminton najava

SN 15.02.2007. Zimski EYOF najava

SN 22.02.2007. Angaziranje trenera Malevic

SN 01.03.2007. Zimski EYOF

SN 08.03.2007. LS plivanje

SN 15.03.2007. Boks turnir Hrbic

SN 22.03.2007. LS atletika Ana i Ivana Simic

SN 29.03.2007. LS HOO i HL

SN 05.04.2007. Peking priprema LS

SN 12.04.2007. LS Ivanis

SN 19.04.2007. LS Mario Moznik

SN 26.04.2007. Kajak kanu SK HOO i HL

SN 03.05.2007. Program I karate EP

SN 10.05.2007. Program II LS

SN 17.05.2007. Program III

SN 24.05.2007. 6.OFDV LS

SN 31.05.2007. Program IV Boris Martinac

SN 06-07.06.2007. Europski baseball kup u ZG i KA

SN 14.06.2007. Program V. HOO i HL.pdf

SN 21-22.06.2007. Sport i razvoj

SN 28.06.2007. Angaziranje trenera Canjuga

SN 05.07.2007. Angaziranje trenera Kuterovac

SN 12.07.2007. Angaziranje trenera Rudic

SN 19.07.2007. Ljetni EYOF najava

SN 26.07.2007. Angaziranje trenera Pereglin

SN 02.08.2007. Ljetni EYOF

SN 09.08.2007. Angaziranje trenera Bottom

SN 16.08.2007. Angaziranje trenera Cervar

SN 23.08.2007. Ljetna Univerzijada Bangkok

SN 30.08.2007. HOD najava

SN 06.09.2007. Ususret HOD-u

SN 13.09.2007. Odjeci HOD-a

SN 20.09.2007. Angaziranje trenera Hong HOO i HL

SN 27.09.2007. Olimpijsko NE pretilosti

SN 04.10.2007. Angaziranje trenera Bozic plivanje Ante Krizan

SN 11.10.2007. Sah Ivan Saric Plivanje Ivan Tolic

SN 18.10.2007. Olimpijsko NE pretilosti sporazum

SN 25.10.2007. Igre zemalja Jugoistocne Europe

SN 02.11.2007. Ugovor HOO-aM, SOH, HPO, HSSG

SN 08.11.2007. Intervju Marko Curkovic

SN 15.11.2007. OI Peking biciklisti

SN 22.11.2007. Triatlon Zvonko Cubric

SN 29.11.2007. OI Peking 37 evidentnih kandidata

SN 06.12.2007. Zene u sportu seminar

SN 13.12.2007. Zene u sportu seminar marketing

SN 20.12.2007. Olimp 25. broj

SN 27.12.2007. Antun Vrdoljak 1. dio

SN 27.12.2007. Antun Vrdoljak 2. dio