Zagreb, December 21, 2015 – The pre-Olympic year 2015 has been extremely successful for the Croatian sports, even in these times of a difficult financial situation, but the Olympic year 2016 is preparing true challenges when the record of six medals won at the London Olympic will be tested.

In this sense, the Croatian Olympic Committee has celebrated its Great Day at the ceremony held in the hotel Westin in Zagreb. In accordance with the tradition, the ceremony comprised presentation of awards for the best athletes, male and female team, crew, couple or baton, the best coach, the promoters of Croatia in the world and annual awards for lifetime achievement, "Matija Ljubek" Fair Play Award and Award of the International Olympic Committee.

The Croatian Olympic Committee proclaimed discus thrower Sandra Perković the most successful athlete, fourth time in a row. Now only the legendary Janica Kostelić (seven times the best), and Blanka Vlašić (five times the best) are ahead of Sandra. Sandra has earned this award by winning the silver medal at the World Championships in Beijing and by the overall victory in the Diamond League ranking.
In the competition of male athletes, the shooter Giovanni Cernogoraz has had a great competition because the gymnast Mario Možnik, boxer Filip Hrgović, sailor Ivan Kljaković-Gašpić and rower Damir Martin have won the titles of European champions as well, but the award still went to Giovanni.

The award for the best male team went to the Croatian national water-polo team, which can boast in 2015 with the title of world vice-champions and with second place in the World League, while the award for the best female team went to the national bowling team that has convincingly won the title of the world champions.  As expected, the award for best relay teams, pairs or crew went to the rowers Martin and Valent Sinković, world champions and absolute world rulers in the discipline double sculls. The award for the greatest promoter of Croatia in the world went to the Croatian national football team, which is expected to give its best at the European Championships to be played in France in 2016.