Zagreb, March 28, 2019 - After the Croatian NOC’s Assembly unanimously accepted, at its 24th session,  the proposal for introduction of the Croatian NOC’s Award Milan Neralić for outstanding contribution to the development of sports at the local level, adopting at the same time the Ordinance of the said Award and the Invitation for Proposals, as early as one day later the said decisions entered the process of their realization. The Award will be presented each year as a Lifetime Award to individuals or associations that contributed to the development of sports at the local level in a 25-year or longer period of time. It implies that individuals are older than 60 and legal entities - over 25 years.

The candidates may be proposed by the county and local sports communities in the Republic of Croatia and by the Croatian NOC and a seven-member Evaluation Committee will decide on the winners. The Award will consist of a written charter and a figure associated with the image and work of Milan Neralić, Slunj native who became the first Croat - winner of the Olympic medal in the history – Olympic bronze in Fencing at the Paris Olympics 1900. This Award will not be presented as part of the Great Day of Croatian Sport, but its presentation ceremony will be organized by the local communities on the occasion of the World Day of Sports at the end of May.