The International Olympic Committee’s Trophy 2018 "Olympism in Action“, which recognizes those who use sport to build a better and more peaceful world, was presented to Morana Paliković Gruden.

Morana Paliković Gruden, Croatian sports official and former athlete in several sports, journalists and politician, Vice President of the Croatian NOC (HOO) since 2012, President of the Winter Sports Committee of the Croatian NOC’s Assembly, member of the Croatian NOC’s Council (since 2004) President of the Croatian Skating Federation (since 2004) and member of the European Commission for Gender Equality in Sport.
Since 2005, she serves as Head of the Gender Equality in Sport Commission, proactively working on the promotion and improvement of gender equality in sport and increasing the share of women in managerial structures of national and sports associations at the local level, improvement of the existing relevant legislative framework in Croatia and equal chances in education. At the Commission's proposal under her leadership, the Croatian NOC launched a national project of expert education for women in sport.
Since 2005, she has been a member of the European Fair Play Movement (EFPM), whose co-founder (1994) is the Croatian NOC. She has been a member of the Croatian Fair Play Committee (HFPO) since the beginning, whose establishment in 2007 she was coordinating and gained a recognition for the first decade of the Committee’s work. She is the winner of the highest European Olympic Committee’s (EOC) award for sports promotion and development – the EUROPEN OLYMPIC LAUREL AWARD 2015. For outstanding commitment in this strategically important field of social responsibility - equality in sports, the Croatian NOC presented her the IOC Trophy - Olympism in Action.
The broad reach of the Gender Equality in Sport Commission under her leadership represents a strategic document of the National Gender Equality Policy (2011-2015), which includes a chapter on action plans and concrete measures for improvement of women’s positions in sport. Among other, there are the carriers of activities, including the largest sports institutions of the Republic of Croatia such as the Croatian NOC. The focus is on increasing the share of women in the managerial structures of sports federations and other sports organizations according to the Gender Equality Act.
At the initiative of the Gender Equality in Sport Commission under her leadership, one of the action plans of the National Gender Equality Policy envisages reviewing the existing legislative frameworks and improving the model for monitoring statistical information on the position of women in sport with the goal of preventing direct and indirect discrimination. This document guarantees the right of female athletes to equal accessibility of sports infrastructure, both in terms of period of use and quality, as well as the availability of expert education, training and employment in sport. Equally important is the effort to make sport – through the provisions of laws, regulations and other acts regulating the field of sport - safety for women and girls against all forms of violence. Under the leadership of Paliković Gruden, the Commission has established the Female Sports Coordinators Network in national sports federations and county sports communities, which today makes an important link to women's issues in sport.
At the initiative of the Gender Equality in Sport Commission, in March 2018, the Office for Gender Equality of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Agency for Electronic Media and the Central State Office for Sport signed the agreement on cooperation in the project "Greater visibility of women’s team sports in electronic media”. The goal of the project is a special campaign dedicated to the position of women's collectives in team sports, emphasizing the promotion of these sports in electronic media and in society in general.