Already as a student of the Academy of Fine Arts of in Zagreb, Ante Guberina, academic sculptor from Šibenik, participated with his work "Olympic chain" in artistic competition organized by the International Olympic Committee – the contest "Olympic Art & Sport 2000", held on the eve of the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000.

He has won first place in the category of sculpture, and his work is a part of the exhibition of International Olympic Museum in Lausanne. The replica of the same can be found in the Croatian Sports Museum.

The work of art "Olympic chain" is characterized by extreme form and shape values through which the artist uses a universal language at the transnational level to speak of the Olympic values. The sculpture, cast in heavy iron material, suggests the effort characteristic for top athletes. Thematic determinant of the chain acts as a universal symbol for transmission that drives and connects the Olympic rings. The rings, commonly displayed as flat, are in this context displayed in three dimensions in a harmonious relationship with the chain.
His latest work is a sculpture shaped as a handball player silhouette, which will be awarded in 2014 in Croatia and Slovenia to the best young handball players, in honor of tragically deceased handball player, the Olympian Iztok Puc, who has played for both the Croatian and Slovenian handball team.