Croatian Judo Federation - Project "Judo in schools" - At the initiative of the Croatian Judo Federation and supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, in 150 elementary schools - of total of 600 of them in Croatia with a gym for regular and out-of-curriculum sports activities - judo, Olympic sport that has proven - in the past couple of years - the outstanding international sports achievements, has been introduced.

The motive for launching this project - innovative in its form and way of work organization - was putting judo into operation as an educational method aimed at not only improvement of the motor and functional abilities of children, but also at increasing the self-confidence, acquiring control and self-control, strengthening of concentration, adoption of ethical principles and healthy lifestyle as well as at the prevention of bullying at school or on the street.

Thus, the project of the Croatian Judo Federation "Judo in schools" has outgrown - of course, thanks to the teachers in the schools and judo volunteers and coaches - the boundaries of enthusiastic club activities in 2013 and turned into a national project in service of education and sports education of young generations of Croatian society.

The Croatian School Sports Federation, with which the Croatian Judo Federation has successfully held already two Croatian National School Championships in Judo, has encouraged the organized approach to the introduction of this attractive martial art. The results of survey on satisfaction and effects of judo in children involved in school sections' activities has shown positive results, giving thus further encouragement to the continuance of this project. The mentioned results show that with this project the Croatian Judo Federation has substantially decreased the falling numbers of children involved in certain school sports activities, which is the key objective of this innovative project.