Zagreb, September 16th, 2014 - In the presence of many dignitaries of Croatian sports, at a ceremony held on the occasion of the Croatian Olympic Day, September 10th, in the Museum and Memorial Center "Dražen Petrovic" in Zagreb gifted young athletes were awarded for outstanding sports results for the period starting from September 2013.

This year's winners of the Award named a,er one of the world's best basketball players and holder of three Olympic medals (Los Angeles Olympics 1984, Seoul Olympics 1988 and Barcelona Olympics 1992) are Ivana Babic, winner of the gold medal at the Nanjing Olympics 2014 and current World Junior Champion in the category up to 55 kg and World Junior Champion in discus throwing, Martin Markovic.
In the category of the most successful female team, the Award was presented to the junior national judo team - Beata Guszak, Tena Šikic, Ana Kokeza, Maja Blagojevic, Barbara Matic, Brigita Matic and Ivana Šutalo, while in the category of the most successful male
team was presented to the national junior basketball team (U-18), the winner of bronze medal at the European Championships - Roko Badžim, Ivan Majcunic, Ivan Vucic, Borna Kapusta, Josip Jukic, Goran Filipovic, Luka Božic, Lovro Mazalin, Nik Slavica, Marko Arapovic, Dragan Bender and Ante Toni Žižić. In the categories of the most successful sports pair in doubles competition, relays and crews, the most successful was the four without coxswain crew - Bernard Samardžic, Filip Pedic, Josip Banovic and Toni Cavka, who have won bronze at the World and European Championships. Nikola Obrovac, winner of gold medal in the discipline of Men's 50 Breathstroke at the Youth Olympic Games, was proclaimed the greatest hope of Croatian sports, as well as Ida Štimac, the winner of the World's Slalom Championships for cadets – the Topolino Cup.

The Committee in charge for the award "Dražen Petrovic" 2014, which was introduced in 2007 as sign of support to the young, motivated and extremely talented athletes consisted of many prominent athletes and journalists: Dubravko Šimenc, Martina Zubcic, Tamara Boroš, Ana-Marija Celan Bujas, Natko Zrncic-Dim, Ištvan Varga, Sanda Corak, Sandra Mandir, Branimir Bašic, Iva Perdec-Augustic, Nikola Lipovac, Vinko Kneževic, along with the President of the Committee, the legendary captain of the Croatian National Football Team, Zvonimir Boban.