Winner of the Croatian Olympic Committee's "Fair Play" award for 2009 is the football player Marko Rašo from the NK Zadar. The beginning of the football season 2008/2009 and the Croatian Indoor Football Championships will be remembered by the human, fair and selfless act of the 20-year-old athlete, member of the football club „Zadar" Marko Rašo who – with awareness of a top athlete – came to help the referee Vlado Svilokos who suddenly felt sick.

Namely, at the Croatian Indoor Football Championships, in the first round match between the Zadar and Šibenik team – in the last minute of the first half – the main referee Vlado Svilokos suddenly felt sick and collapsed on the field in pain and hit the fence of the field. The very next moment, followed by the shock of other players and fans, Marko – who was sitting on the substation bench - ran into the field and provided expert help to the referee. His act helped the notable referee from Zadar to survive until the arrival of the medical team, which they confirmed too. Marko Rašo is a professional football player from the football club Zadar and he is currently playing for the third league football club Primorac from Biograd na moru. He was born on July 25, 1987 in Zadar where he has finished the high school for languages.