The Croatian Olympic Committee presented its Fair Play award to the crew "Polar 2" from the Sailing Club "Labud" at the ceremony held on December 30, 2011 on the occasion of the Great day of Croatian sports.

Fair play gesture of the sailing crew "Polar 2":

On October 14, 2011, sailing on the route of the 67. Vis Regatta from Split to Vis, the crew of the sailing boat Polar 2 rushed to help the crew of the sailing boat Paike. Namely, due to big waves, eight crewmembers of the named sailboat ended up in the sea without life jackets.
After they noticed the problem, the Polar 2 crew, along with their skipper Marko Matić, stopped the race immediately and returned to help the crew, which - thanks to them - overcame this episode without major casualties and suffered only from hypothermia. Yet after the rescue was completed, the crew of Polar 2 continued sailing toward their goal, Vis, where they have finally arrived. Due to this gesture, the Regatta's Committee approved them time compensation and correction of their final placement.

Besides the crew of Polar 2, in the competition for the Croatian Olympic Committee's Fair Play award for 2011 there were also the cyclist Nenad Labinjan and Croatian national volleyball team.
At the Buzet cycling race within the MTB Winter League held on March 17, 2011, in the penultimate round, Sanjin Sirotić, member of the Croatian national team, up to that moment convincingly leading in the race, suffered from flat tire on a bicycle. Then the Slovene Grega Cehner took the leading position for a short time. A short time after that, the member of the AK (athl. club) "St. Euphemia" Nenad Labinjan caught up the cyclist Sirotić who continued the race running with the bike on the shoulder. Nenad decided to make an unusual move – he gave his rear wheel to Sirotić who was a candidate for the victory. Thanks to this move, Sirotić managed to beat Cehner before the very goal, winning thus the race. Due to the unusual gesture of fair play, the organizers of the race awarded Labinjanin the MTB Winter League extra points.

At the European Volleyball League, sports event held on June 11, 2011 in Slavonski Brod, the Croatian national volleyball team played a match against Belgium. At one point, the judge awarded - for many a "controversial" point - in favor of the Croatian national team, which caused a serious resentment of the Belgian volleyball players and coaches and even a brief break in the match. Noticing that the continuation of the European League match is doubtful, the Croatian coach Rade Malević agreed with his players to "return" the doubtful point back to the guests from Belgium. The match was duly continued until the final victory of the Belgian volleyball team.