At the sailing regatta for cadets, the International Spring Cup, held on April 7, 2013 in Opatija, the young Croatian sailor from the Sailing Club Labud, only nine-year-old Hana Dragojević, rescued a young competitor Marko Smolić from the Sailing Club Val.

Marko's sailing boat capsized and he was left entangled in the lines. Although Hana Dragojević was among the leading contestants, she changed her course, approached Marko's sailing boat and jumped into the sea in order to help him, righted his capsized sailing boat, disentangled him from the lines and thus saved him. For this gesture, the International Fair Play Committee, the organizer of the "Opatija Spring Cup" regatta and presented the young Croatian sailor Hana Dragojević the award in the category "IOC President's Prize for the Youth I". For her gesture, Hana was also awarded by the Sailing Club Val and the Croatian Olympic Committee, upon the recommendation by the International Fair Play Committee.

At the Croatian International Championships Croatia Open, Vedran Bakač, 17-year old member of the national junior table tennis team and member of the Table tennis Club Split, awarded his rival the final point in the match, which the judge has already recognized as Vedran's because of the edge ball that no one else has seen nor had objection to the decision of the judge. Because of this action, Vedran failed to qualify for the finals of the ITTF international junior tournament, a tournament the young player considers very important for his further progress.