Zvonimir Đurkinjak, member of the Badminton Club Medvedgrad, (b. 1988) is the most successful badminton player in 24 years of Croatian badminton. This Zagreb athlete, member of the BC Medvedgrad 1998, has won - already as a junior - the European Cup in both pairs and individually, and in the senior competition he has won two bronze medals in pair with his teammate Staša Poznanović at the European Cup. He is not only a holder of the brightest award in Croatian senior badminton - gold medal at the Mediterranean Games in Mersin in 2013, which he has won with a teammate Zvonimir Hoelbling but also a multiple national champion in singles and doubles competition.

Fair play gesture by Zvonimir Đurkinjak

On September 26 this year, Zvonimir Đurkinjak was playing in Brno in finals of the International Championships of the Czech Republic against the best German player Marc Zwiebler. It was a European Cup tournament, the competition from the series of qualifying tournaments for Rio 2016. After the first game was lost in overtime, in the second game our player lagged behind Zwiebler. At the time when he began catching up his rival's advantage, when the score was 8:12, there was an oversight of judges at the expense of Zwiebler. Zwiebler tried to protest, but failed. Then Đurkinjak intentionally served a fault and thus compensated for this error, at his own cost. Đurkinjak lost that game and thus the match as well, but this act, where his rival immediately congratulated him, was registered and praised by the European Badminton Confederation (BEC) on the websites and social networks.

The honorable action of Zvonimir Đurkinjak teaches us the gesture worthy of sports and life as a choice without compromise.