Croatian Olympic Committee’s Fair Play award 

The Croatian Olympic Committee's Fair Play award was established in 2007, on the initiative of the Croatian Fair Play Committee. The members of the CFPC, founded by the Croatian Olympic Committee's Council in 2006, were selected from the ranks of Croatian Olympians and public speech dignitaries. The award is presented as recognition of the fair attitude and actions that represent an expression of respect and concern for others.

Highlighting of candidates for the highest Croatian Olympic Committee's award in the field of fair play is permanently open - on the initiative of the Croatian Fair Play Committee and Croatian Olympic Committee that invite the athletes, sports officials, journalists, sports associations, fans of sports and Olympism to be proactively involved in the process on learning about fair play. The nominations can be sent by E-mail, along with a description of the relating event or action, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In decision-making process on highlighting the examples of fair play, one must keep in mind the principles of the Fair Play Manifesto of the International Fair Play Committee of fair play, which - among other things - states that ".... Fair play means not only adherence to written rules but it describes the right attitudes of male and female athletes and the true spirit of their behavior: showing respect for others and care for their own physical and mental integrity. Every athlete who puts himself in the position of his opponent shows a fair play attitude. Fair play is, above all, a question of personal involvement of an individual.... "/ Fair Play Manifesto, Lausanne, 1998.

The Croatian Olympic Committee presented its Fair Play award 2018 to the cyclist Marin Ranteš (BMX Freestyle) who gave – during the World Cup in Canada- the wheel from his bike to his greatest rival in the fight for gold in order to finish his performance after the tire blow-out.

Zvonimir Đurkinjak, member of the Badminton Club Medvedgrad, (b. 1988) is the most successful badminton player in 24 years of Croatian badminton. This Zagreb athlete, member of the BC Medvedgrad 1998, has won - already as a junior - the European Cup in both pairs and individually, and in the senior competition he has won two bronze medals in pair with his teammate Staša Poznanović at the European Cup. He is not only a holder of the brightest award in Croatian senior badminton - gold medal at the Mediterranean Games in Mersin in 2013, which he has won with a teammate Zvonimir Hoelbling but also a multiple national champion in singles and doubles competition.


At the sailing regatta for cadets, the International Spring Cup, held on April 7, 2013 in Opatija, the young Croatian sailor from the Sailing Club Labud, only nine-year-old Hana Dragojević, rescued a young competitor Marko Smolić from the Sailing Club Val.