Zagreb, 9 May 2022 - The Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) organized a round table in the Crystal Hall of the Zagreb hotel Westin on the topic "Perspectives and opportunities for development of dual careers of athletes who have completed their sports careers". In order to contribute to the development of "career after career" of our athletes, the NOC of Croatia gathered in one place representatives of as many as three ministries, several educational institutions active in working with athletes and sports officials.

After the welcoming speech of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Vice President Morana Paliković Gruden, State Secretary at the Ministry of Science and Education Tomislav Paljak, Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee Siniša Krajač, Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology Tomislav Krističević, Head of the Sector for Support to Sports System and Health-Oriented Physical Exercise at the Directorate for Sports at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Martina Jeričević, Head of the Sector for Labor Market at the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy Irena Bačelić, Secretary General of the Sports Association of the City of Zagreb Tomislav Stojak, as well as the first ladies of partner educational institutions - Dean of the Rijeka Business School PAR Gordana Nikolić and director of the PESG Sports College in Zagreb Sanda Gale provided answers to the questions about the dual career of athletes. Director of Sports Gymnasium Zagreb Stipe Perišić spoke from Germany by using the videolink. Of course, the conference on a dual career was unthinkable without athletes, and on this occasion the round table was attended by the celebrated Olympian Snježana Pejčić, recently Head of the Croatian Athletes’ Career Center.

The summary of presentations could be brought down to the conclusions that every athlete should be instilled an awareness of the need for a dual career from an early age, because as Siniša Krajač pointed out - "It is very likely that after a sports career in best years their lives they will enter the labor market", but also that they are previously enabled to obtain a diploma/expertise for a "second career" through the education system. In order to prevent the dilemma of athletes: school or sports, which appears to many already upon leaving elementary school, online classes for athletes, vouchers for their education, sports campuses are mentioned among the ideas that could help solve these problems… To this end, private educational institutions should also serve purposefully as a part of a comprehensive education system.

The Head of the Croatian Olympic Committee's Career Center Snježana Pejčić said that most athletes will do their best to complete some education during their careers and that - in the demanding sports commitments - they should really be allowed to achieve this.
The meaningful 90 minutes of the roundtable were accompanied by about 70 attendees, including representatives of national sports federations. The head of the Croatian Gymnastics Federation, Marijo Možnik, who has personally passed a twofold path - a top athlete and a successful student, suggested that coaches should never be bypassed in the whole process.
The aim of the roundtable, moderated by the editor-in-chief of Sports Television Jura Ozmec, was to encourage dialogue and promote opportunities for the development of dual careers and the employment of athletes, in which the CoC has already made a significant practical step forward by establishing the Athletes’ Career Center. An additional laudable step forward has been made now with this round table, in collaboration with partners, and the announcement of an upcoming conference on the same topic -. (NOC of Croatia /VK)