Zagreb, July 7, 2019 -Through the mediation of the European Olympic Committees (EOCs) and in cooperation with the Croatian Olympic Academy (HOA), the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) entered in June last year its candidate for a Master's degree in sports administration at the Russian International Olympic University in Sochi. . One year later, Iris Španjol from Zagreb successfully mastered the aforementioned educational program and acquired the title of Master in Sports Administration, confirming that it was an excellent choice of HOA and HOO for her one-year scholarship of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation.


According to the agreement, the title of the final work with which Iris completed her Master’s degree in Sochi, is associated with her favorite sport and the country from which she comes: What is the Economic Benefit to Croatia of Hosting Open Water Swimming Events?. Iris Španjol received special praise for the topic and defended work, as it is a poorly researched sports area.


Croatian Olympic Committee and Croatian Olympic Academy congratulate Iris Španjol on the acquired Master's degree in Sports Administration! (COC/COA)