Zagreb, May 17, 2019 - The 15th International Session for Presidents or Directors of the National Olympic Academies: Olympic Diplomacy and peace - Peace Education as part of Olympic Education was held in ancient Olympia in Greece. In addition to 150 directors from 86 countries from all five continents, the Croatian Olympic Academy (HOA) participated in the Session, represented in a very active role by its Director Saša Ceraj. At the invitation of the President of the International Olympic Academy, isidoros Kouvelos, Ceraj held a lecture on the topic of Building Bridges, not Walls: The Uniting Role of Sports among People and Countries. Ceraj, among other, pointed out:

- The contribution of Olympic truce in the process of mediation from ancient Ekecheiriae to modern times is undisputed and as an instrument per se it is fascinating, however, although it is facing an ambitious and somewhat utopian task it is evident that, although it has no power to fully stop the wars, it still achieves significant successes in the field of peace, understanding among nations and athletes - presenting a tool that can create an opportunity to establishing a positive climate, but also assumptions that can lead to a truce or peace.

For the said lecture, the HOA Director received a special award in the form of the International Olympic Academy Silver Badge, which represents a significant recognition of Croatian Olympic Academy’s work.

During the Session, there was also a meeting the European Olympic Academy’s Executive Committee where the HOA’s Head Saša Ceraj – participating the meeting as Committee’s recent member - contributed to the preparation of the EOA’s educational programs that will be realized at June’s 2nd European Games in Minsk (Belarus). (cnoc/coa)