Bol, May 2, 2019 - In cooperation with the Big Blue Diving Center, the Tourist Board of the City of Bol and the Municipality of Bol, the Croatian Olympic Academy (COA) organized the traditional international action of cleaning the Bols underwater called SUB ECO BOL as part of commemoration of the Olympic Day. This action is conducted based on the guidelines of the International Olympic Committee and its role in stimulating and supporting the environmental concerns, promoting sustainable development in sports and keeping  the Olympics in line with these ideas.

In the project of the Croatian Olympic Academy and partners held on May 1 and 2, there were around a hundred divers from Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany and Serbia who, by their great efforts and diving skills, cleansed the part of Brač underwater from pollution.

- With this action, the Croatian Olympic Academy wanted, in a practical way, to contribute to preserving the environment as part of the Olympic guidelines, but it also ensured T-shirts and prepared educational materials with the message: "Study nature, love nature and stay by the nature, because this way nature will never let you down! "- said the Director of the Croatian Olympic Academy Saša Ceraj. (COA/HOA)