Zagreb, April 26, 2019 -Croatian School Sports Federation (HŠSS), in cooperation with the Croatian Olympic Academy (COA), has conducted for the eight year in a row, the contest named School Sports and Olympic movement. The topic of this year's contest was the Olympic poster, and the students should have imagined that the Olympics were held in their city or in the neighboring city and made a poster of these Olympic Games. This year there were 75 school sports associations from elementary and secondary schools of the Republic of Croatia that sent a total of 119 students’ works.

The jury, composed of Ana Popovčić (Croatian Olympic Academy), Goran Jukić (Croatian School Sports Federation) and Darko Gregec, professor of art - expressed satisfaction with the quantity and quality of received works and at the session held at the premises of the Croatian Olympic Committee on October 23 they selected the winners of the contest. 

The best works in elementary school category:
1. The first place won the work of the student Doris Žderić from the O. Š. Vladimir Nazor from Ploče (ŠSD Ploče)
2. The second place won the work of the student Lara Bošnir from the O. š. IVO Andrić from Zagreb (ŠSD Proljeće)
3. The third place won the work of the student Kaja Culjak from the O. Š. Ljudevita Gaja from Mihovljani (PŠ Novi Golubovec)
 The best works in the category of secondary schools:
1. The first place won the joint work of the students Jesenia Novak and Tena Kečkeš from the School of Civil Engineering Čakovec from Čakovec (ŠSD Graditelj)
2. The second place won the work of the student Tessa Kirchbaum from Varaždin (Second Gymnasium Varaždin)
3. The third place won the work of the student Barbara Salatko from the High school Bedekovčina from Bedekovčina (ŠSD Bedex)

The awarded students and sports associations will be presented valuable prizes. The first-places school sports assocations in each category will receive a package of sports equipment and props in the value of 6000 kuna, the second-placed school sports associations in the amount of 5000 kuna and the third in the amount of 4000 kuna. The authors of the award-winning works will receive sports equipment and props in the value of 1200 kuna for the first place, 1000 kuna for the second and 800 kuna for the third place. 
Given the large number of works, this year the final exhibition will not host all the works, but apart from the winning ones, it will host only those who have qualified to the narrow selection. The exhibition of works will be set at the national finals of school championships in Poreč and in the finals of the World School Championships in athletics in Split. (cnoc/coa/ap)