Olympia, May 18th 2014 - International Olympic Academy, under the leadership of the President IsĂ­doros Kuvelos, who is also the President of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, gathered at the 12th international meeting in ancient Olympia in Greece, held from May 11th-18th, more than 200 participants, mostly the directors of 144 National Olympic Academies operating within the World Olympic Movement, and central topic was education and Olympism in the society.

Top lecturers – from university professors , scientists up to directors of the national academies, among which were also Sasa Ceraj, director of the Croatian Olympic Academy (HOA) and Head of COC Sports Abitrage Council Petra Pocrnic Perica - presented quite interesting points of view on the meaning of Olympism and its values , especially in terms of present days, in the time of exposure to the open or covert undermining of that what the Olympic values -such as the legacy of Pierre de Coubertin (1889- 1937)- represent in education, peace, freedom and democracy and true understanding of the importance of their ethics.
The importance of understanding the role of the International Olympic Academy and the network of National Olympic Academies for the world community, was con_rmed by the fact that this topic was also presented – as a scienti_c issue - by the director of the Croatian Olympic Academy Sasa Ceraj, at the invitation of the organizers, at the 7th International Scientfic Conference on Kinesiology, held under the auspices of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, from May 22nd- 25th in Opatija.