Zagreb, October 6th, 2016 - At the electoral session of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Assembly held on October 6th, 2016, Zlatko Mateša was re-elected to the position of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s President in the mandate period 2016-2020. He was elected with 121 of 123 votes. This will be his fifth term to head the umbrella sports organizations in the Republic of Croatia. He was first elected at the extraordinary Croatian Olympic Committee’s Electoral Assembly in 2002 with 74 votes, followed by 2004 with 61 votes, while in the last two terms he was elected unanimously.

Zlatko Mateša was the only candidate for the President, having his candidacy highlighted by the Croatian Judo Federation. The candidacy was supported by 33 national sports federations of Olympic and 30 non-Olympic sports and 20 county sports associations.

Mateša presented the members of the Assembly his proposal on measures for improving the status of sports in Croatia. Among other things, he proposes the adoption of the National Sports Program and complete Law on Sports. Some of the other measures are the change of position in sports within the State Administration system in such a way to form the State Administration for Sports as an independent unit or to transfer sports to the Ministry of Tourism, change of the Regulation on criteria for determining beneficiaries and method of allocation of revenue from games of chance, equalization of social and pension status of entertainers and top athletes, employment of top athletes in the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of the Interior, the promotion of sports through Sports TV and urgent amendments to the law on the organization of games of chance in the part related to the non-resident organizers of online gambling.

Pursuant to the proposal of President Mateša, four Vice-Presidents of the Croatian Olympic Committee have been confirmed: Damir Martin, head of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Athletes' Commission, Željko Jerkov, head of the Croatian Olympians’ Club, Sanda Čorak, head of the Croatian Judo Federation (in charge of the Olympic Sports Committee), Morana Paliković Gruden, head of the Croatian Skating Federation (in charge of the Winter Sports Committee).
Additionally, Zlatko Taritaš (Croatian Sailing Federation), Stevo Tkalčec (Croatian Gymnastics Federation), Boris Mesarić (Croatian Handball Federation), Željan Konsuo (Croatian Water Polo Federation), Branimir Bašić (Croatian Rowing Federation), Miho Glavić (Croatian Ski Federation), Marijan Hanžeković (Croatian Luge Federation), Ivo-Goran Munivrana (Croatian Table Tennis Federation), Zrinko Gregurek (Croatian Car and Karting Federation, in charge of the Committee for non-Olympic sports), Damir Knjaz (Sports Association of the City of Zagreb) and Zvjezdana Tuma Pavlov (Sports Association of the Osijek-Baranja county, in charge of the local sports) were elected as members of the Council.

The members of the Assembly elected Ivan Jelenčić (Croatian Shooting Federation), Romeo Vrečko (Croatian Handball Federation), Marijan Klanac (Sports Association of the Zadar County), Goran Kovačić (Community of Sports Associations and Federations of the Zagreb County) and Stjepan Krznarić (Sports Association of the Osijek-Baranja County ) for members of the Supervisory Board.

Stjepan Čelan (Croatian Karate Federation), Josip Freiler (Association of Sports Associations and Federations of the Međimurje County), Mirjana Rajle Brođanac (Croatian Rowing Federation), Slobodan Gračaković (Sports Association of the Primorsko-Goranska County) and Dubravko Ižaković (Sports Association of the Osijek-Baranja County) were elected members of the Ethics Committee. Both Committees will elect the presidents at their first sessions.

The Electoral Assembly was attended by Janica Kostelić, Assistant Minister for Sports.