Zagreb, July 18, 2016 - The Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) and Libertas International University signed on July 19, 2016 an agreement on improving their cooperation in the field of sports, education and science, enabling - above all - the higher education of categorized athletes.


The University will provide top-quality categorized athletes studying at the undergraduate professional study "Sports and Sport Professions Management" at the lowest tuition fees. In addition, the University will provide one excellent categorized athletes, selected by the Croatian Olympic Committee in cooperation with the University, who enrolls in the first year of study in the academic year 2016/2017 studying at the undergraduate professional study "Sports and Sport Professions Management" without payment of tuition fees for all three years of study, provided that the athlete is regularly enrolled in higher years of the study program. The study lasts for 6 semesters and upon its completion, the athlete acquires the professional title of Professional Bachelor of Sports and Sport Professions Management (Bacc. Econ.). It was primarily designed as a study for education of top and other male and female athletes who would, after a certain number of years of active career, withdraw from sports competitions and engage in other professional activities, by their character most familiar to them and most closely related to whatever they were doing in the beginning of their working lives. Of course, the professional study "Sports and Sport Professions Management" is open without discrimination to all the other interested citizens.


"Top athletes have achieved their success thanks to the hard work and diligence, reflected in their approach to the study. There are only few active or former athletes who do not belong to the better students in their generations", said the President of the Administrative Council of Libertas Duško Pavlović.


President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša stressed that career after an active sports career takes an important place among the integral elements of actions of the Croatian Olympic Committee. "Many top athletes have proven that it is possible to coordinate a successful athletic and academic career. We are sure that many of our athletes will find their place at this university and thus strengthen a new career after the one in sports", he added.