Zagreb, February 29, 2016 – The main strategic goals are fulfilled. The Pre-Olympic year 2015, as "heavy as" 117.130.630 Kuna in terms of expenditures was really successful for the Croatian Olympic Committee, while its main strategic goals were fulfilled as planned. This is the conclusion of the Croatian Olympic Committee's Assembly brought during its regular session held on February 29 in Zagreb.

The Assembly has unanimously adopted a report on the program and financial execution of the plan and submitted it to the Croatian Parliament and the relevant Ministry for further discussion and adoption. In addition to the income of 107.565.046 Kuna from the state budget and in spite of the conditions that were hindering a dynamic sports activity, the Croatian Olympic Committee ended the year 2015 with positive financial result, paid obligations from the previous year and with extraordinary 362 medals won by the Croatian athletes at world's and European competitions, including the medals from the first European Games in Baku. With these results, the Croatian Olympic Committee entered the demanding Olympic year 2016, which is the fourth and the final year of implementation of the Project Rio Olympics 2016, in which - since 2013 – there has been invested 15.955.783,75 HRK or 96.57% of the planned investment. In addition to interdepartmental cooperation with the academic, military, health, sports and other communities in the field of education, professional training, employment, health care, recognition and rewarding the athletes in the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian Olympic Committee brought in 2015 its own Strategic plan for the period 2015-2022. According to this Plan, an important place is given to the Sports Television as a public service and an integrated entity for information and communications in the Croatian sports.

The key places in the Strategic Plan are given to top sports, international influence and processes of strengthening knowledge in sports, good management, promotion of development of sports and its role in the society, and other areas of importance to the Olympic movement, focused on – the athlete.