Zagreb, October 22, 2015 – These days, the Croatian Olympic Committee has notified its members about the European Commission's contest on submitting the proposals within the program Erasmus+ Sport, for which it has foreseen 27,4 million Euro in 2016, even 10,6 million Euro more than in 2015.

Therefore, one can expect a greater number of approved project proposals in relation to the previous period, which represents an opportunity to numerous sports associations with good project ideas but no funds for their implementation. Positive changes have occurred in the program policies as well, and the most significant is the introduction of a new campaign called "Small collaborative partnerships". The credit for that goes also to the Croatian Olympic Committee for supporting the initiative of the EOC EU Office in setting up the rules in such a way that the use of the program Erasmus+ Sport is accessible to the amateur sports associations that do not have sufficient capacity to carry out the large-scale projects. The amount of aid for this type of projects can be up to 60,000 Euro, and the projects should include up to three organizations from three different countries from the European Union and Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Macedonia and Turkey. The grant shall be awarded to the projects related to the organization of European Week of Sport and projects within the actions "Collaborative partnerships" and "Non-profit European sports events". Given that the European Union is confronted with difficulties due to the increased inflow of immigrants to Europe, the European Commission is inviting all the potential users of the program Erasmus+ to prepare the projects on stimulation of social integration (especially in terms of immigrants and refugees) and prevention of radicalization of the society.
Since the most common obstacle to potential applicants is their own co-financing, the Republic of Croatia Government Office for Cooperation with NGO's is awarding to the beneficiaries of the Program Erasmus+ the grants up to 50% of the total amount of compulsory co-financing.

For instructions on the use of the Erasmus+ Program in the field of sports, you can contact the Croatian Olympic Committee's Coordinator for EU funds and programs, Alma Papić at 01/3650500. (hoo/ap).