The Croatian Sports Medicine Journal (HŠMV) celebrates this year 30 years of continuous publishing. The journal was launched in 1985 as Basketball Medical Journal and its founders were the renowned doctors and scientists Radovan Medved, Marko Pećina and Ivo Vidović. Their goal was to use the journal for publishing issues from our sports medicine as well as relevant scientific and expert works in the field of sports medicine that are published worldwide.

In this year's first edition of HŠMV, published in July, there was an article with devastating details on sports activities of Croatian citizens. The particular emphasis was put on the importance of sports activities in protection of health and treatment of metabolic problems, not only in athletes, but also in amateurs. The original expert articles analyze the connection of fatigue and movements of basketball players in the study participated by the members of U16 basketball team, then the variables of success in archers, circular trainings, as well as evaluation of the results of athletes' sports excellence questionnaire and other topics.

HŠMV Editor-in-Chief, PhD in Medical Sciences and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb Branka Matković, while the editorial board, besides the Croatian scientists Saša Janković and Lana Ružić, has also international members - Niklaus F. Friederich from Switzerland, Gideon Mann from Israel and Paulo Armada da Silva and Antonio Veloso from Portugal. It is interesting that the Deputy of Editor-in-Chief, Ivo Vidović MD, was one of the founders of the HŠMV. The journal is published twice a year, and since it cannot be purchased in retail, it can be read at the internet addresses or