The International Olympic Day 2016, dedicated to the idea on reviving the Olympic Games in 1894, was celebrated in May and June throughout Croatia with several sports and educational events as part of the celebration. The central national celebration, held on Monday 23, 2016 at the SRC (Sports Recreational Center) "Mladost", along with the ending ceremony of the 9th Day of the Universal sports school, was attended by the students from all the Croatian counties. More than 800 primary and high schools’ students demonstrated their sports knowledge and skills while enjoying the socializing, fair play, friendship and mutual respect.

This event, co-organized by the Croatian Olympic Academy, Croatian Olympic Committee, Croatian Olympians Club and Croatian School Sports Federation, was attended - besides numerous guests and viewers - by famous Olympians and medal winners Damir Škaro, Franjo Arapović, Jelena Ivezić, Nikša Prkačin, Zoran Primorac and Danira Nakić Bilić, former European basketball Most Valuable Player, Coordinator of the International Olympic Day Project in Croatia and Head of Department for Promotion of Olympism at the Croatian Olympic Academy.
Philatelic Exhibition of the Croatian Society of Olympic Philately and Memorabilia, presented at the House of Fame of Split sports in Split; 2nd Dubrovnik Half Marathon, attended by 1,800 participants of all ages; eco seabed cleaning of the submarine area around the island of Brač "Sub Eco BOL 2016", participated by more than 300 Croatian and Slovenian divers; sports competitions of Zagreb’s 300 preschoolers from Zagreb kindergartens; educational workshop at the Croatian Sports Museum for young athletes with the topic of Olympism, followed by a dozen educational seminars of the Croatian Institute for Toxicology and Antidoping – all these events were dedicated to the celebration of the International Olympic Day 2016.

The Croatian Olympic Academy has prepared a commemorative stamp of the Olympic Day with motivational slogan "Move, learn and discover", which was used precisely on the International Olympic Day June 23, 2016, at the office of the Croatian Post in Jurišićeva street no. 13 in Zagreb, as part of the global celebration of the International Olympic Day.

Nationwide Celebrations Mark Olympic Day in Croatia