The Croatian Fair Play Committee was founded following the decision of the Croatian Olympic Committee Council on 10 May 2006 at the proposal of COC President Zlatko Matesa. Its members, 11 prominent Croatian sporting figures and COC Council members and four Croatian media representatives, were appointed in September 2007. Biserka Perman, top athlete and Council member, was appointed Chairwoman of the Croatian Fair Play Committee.


Its tasks are systematic promotion of the values of fair play based on the principles of tolerance and mutual respect in all forms of sport and contribution to its progress in accordance with the rules of the International and European Fair Play Committees.

The Croatian Olympic Committee is one of the 14 founding members of the European Fair Play Movement, which was founded in May 1994. Its representative until 2005 was Darko Dujmovic, who was replaced by Morana Palikovic Gruden, COC Council member since 2004. The 41 members of the European Fair Play Movement adopted a joint Declaration on the Fair Play Movement at the 12th EFPM Congress in Udine, Italy, in September 2006. The Declaration called on all institutions in charge of the promotion of Olympism, on athletes, authorities, schools, sports clubs, media and other stakeholders in sports to support the development of positive values in sport: team work, tolerance, mutual respect, respect of sports rules, truth, solidarity and cooperation.


Members of the Croatian Fair Play Committee (2016. - 2020.): 

Danira Bilić, Chairwoman, Members:  Morana Paliković-Gruden, Božo Starčević, Martina Zubčić, Dubravko Ižaković, Nataša Vezmar, Romana Caput-Jogunica, Nataša Muždalo, Goran Jukić, Marija Vrajić, Morana Brkljačić Žagrović, Biserka Vrbek (NOC of Croatia) , Ivana Lukačić-Krajina, Zlatko Karlo, Vinko Knežević i Zoran Kovačević (HZSN).


Members of the Croatian Fair Play Committee (2012. - 2015.):

Biserka Perman, Chairwoman;  Members: Morana Palikovic Gruden, Nada Sencar, Dubravko Izakovic, Ana Jelusic, Romana Caput Jogunica, Goran Jukic, Gordan Kozulj, Natasa Muzdalo, Morana Brkljacic Zagrovic, Biserka Vrbek, Ivana Lukacic Krajina, Jura Ozmec, Zlatko Karlo i Branko Vukina.


Members of the Croatian Fair Play Committee (2007 -2012.):

Biserka Perman, Chairwoman:; Members: Stojko Vrankovic, Morana Palikovic Gruden, Romana Caput Jogunica, Igor Jukić, Luciano Susanj, Nada Sencar, Gordan Kožulj, Verica Haramincic, Biserka Vrbek, Dubravko Izakovic, Jura Ozmec, Marin Sarec, Romano Janecic and Ivana Lukacic.