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Croatia's Olympic Medallists since 1992

From the first participation under the Croatian flag in 1992 through the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Croatia''s athletes have won a total of 28 medals; they have won 17 medals at Summer Olympic Games (Games of the Olympiad) and 11 at Olympic Winter Games.

Of 17 medals at the Games of the Olympiad or Summer Olympic Games, 3 have been gold (2 in handball and one in weight lifting), six silver (athletics, basketball, gymnastics, rowing, swimming, water polo) and eight bronze (three in tennis, one in rowing, shooting and weight lifting, and two in taekwondo).

Of 11 medals at the Olympic Winter Games, six have been won by Janica Kostelic in alpine skiing (four gold and two silver medals), four silver medals by her brother Ivica Kostelic, also in alpine skiing and one bronze medal by biathlon athlete Jakov Fak.

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Rio 2012 Olympic Games

Opening Ceremony: 05.08.2016

Closing Ceremony: 21.08.2016

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London 2012 Olympic Games

Opening Ceremony: 27.07.2012

Closing Ceremony: 12.08.2012

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Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Opening Ceremony: 08.08.2008

Closing Ceremony: 24.08.2008

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Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Opening Ceremony: 13.08.2004

Closing Ceremony: 29.08.2004

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Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

Opening Ceremony: 15.09.2000

Closing Ceremony: 01.10.2000

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Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games

Opening Ceremony: 19.09.1996

Closing Ceremony: 04.10.1996

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Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games

Opening Ceremony: 25.07.1992

Closing Ceremony: 09.08.1992

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