Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Olympic Games Rio 2016 were held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) from August 5th to August 21st 2016. At the Olympics, 11,547 athletes from 205 countries competed in 33 sports.

The Croatian Olympic Delegation counted 88 athletes (of which 19 female athletes) and competed in 18 sports: Athletics, Cycling, Boxing, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Sailing, Judo, Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball, Diving, Table tennis, Shooting, Taekwondo, Tennis, Water Polo and Rowing. Our athletes were accompanied by 82 officials under the leadership of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Mission.
At the Opening Ceremony, held on August 5th, the captain of the Croatian Olympic Water Polo Team Rio 2016 Josip Pavić wore the Croatian flag, while brothers Martin and Valent Sinković, winners of gold medal in Double Sculls, wore the flag at the Closing Ceremony.

Croatian athletes have won 5 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze - a total of 10 medals - at the Games; gold medals were won by Sandra Perkovic (Discus Throw), Sara Kolak (Javelin Throw), Šime Fantela and Igor Marenic (470), Martin and Valent Sinković (Double Sculls) and Josip Glasnović (trap). Water polo players, Tonči Stipanović (Laser) and Damir Martin (Single Sculls) have won silver, while Filip Hrgović (Boxing) and Blanka Vlašić (High Jump) have won bronze.


Croatian athletes Rio 2016

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  • Josip Glasnović
    1.mjesto   Sport: Streljaštvo   Natjecanje: OI Rio 2016.
  • Martin Sinković, Valent Sinković
    1.mjesto   Sport: Veslanje   Natjecanje: OI Rio 2016.
  • Sandra Perković
    1.mjesto   Sport: Atletika   Natjecanje: OI Rio 2016.
  • Šime Fantela, Igor Marenić
    1.mjesto   Sport: Jedrenje   Natjecanje: OI Rio 2016.
  • Sara Kolak
    1.mjesto   Sport: Atletika   Natjecanje: OI Rio 2016.
  • Damir Martin
    2.mjesto   Sport: Veslanje   Natjecanje: OI Rio 2016.
  • Tonči Stipanović
    2.mjesto   Sport: Jedrenje   Natjecanje: OI Rio 2016.
  • Hrvatska vaterpolska reprezentacija
    ( Marko Bijač, Luka Bukić, Damir Burić, Andro Bušlje, Maro Joković, Luka Lončar, Josip Pavić, Antonio Petković, Anđelo Šetka, Javier Garcia Gadea, Ivan Krapić, Marko Macan, Sandro Sukno )
    2.mjesto   Sport: Vaterpolo   Natjecanje: OI Rio 2016.
  • Filip Hrgović
    3.mjesto   Sport: Boks   Natjecanje: OI Rio 2016.
  • Blanka Vlašić
    3.mjesto   Sport: Atletika   Natjecanje: OI Rio 2016.

RIO DE JANEIRO, August 20, 2016 (Hina) – Croatian athlete Blanka Vlašić has won a bronze medal in High Jump at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro by clearing 1,97 meters.


RIO DE JANEIRO, July 21, 2016 (Hina – Croatian News Agency) – This Saturday, after the final match against Serbia, the Croatian Olympic Water Polo Team Rio 2016 settled with a silver medal.

RIO DE JANEIRO, July 19, 2016 (Hina/Hoo) - Croatian boxer Filip Hrgović won a bronze medal in Men’s Super-Heavyweight after losing in semifinals to World Champion Tony Yoka of France, where Filip has lost on the points decision 1-2.