ZAGREB, September 10, 2009 - At the occasional ceremony, held in the Museum-Memorial center Dražen Petrović, the Croatian Olympic Committee’s award “Dražen Petrović” was presented to the most promising young Croatian athletes. The ceremony, held on September 10, 2015, on the occasion of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s establishment anniversary, was attended by numerous athletes and officials, the President of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC), Zlatko Mateša and State Secretary for Sports, Zrinka Kovačević.

In strong competition of promising young female athletes of younger age category, the award went to the athlete Sandra Perković, gold winner in discus throwing at the European Youth Championships, who has set a new Croatian senior record (62,44) and winner of 9th place at the World Championships in Berlin.

The award for most promising male athlete went to the young boxer Dino Mansour, who has recently returned with a gold medal won at the European Youth Championships in 2009.

In women’s team competition, the award went to the National Junior Bowling Team, consisting of: Nika Cvitković, Jasmina Dubić, Maja Nanić, Saša Pavlović, Matea Skupnjak and Tihana Čavlović, the winners at the World Youth Championships.

In men’s team competition, the award went to the National Junior Handball Team. The young handball players have won this year the title of World Youth Champions in a team consisting of: Josip Pivac, Alen Grd, Ante Vukas, Damir Vučko, Lovro Šprem, Krešimir Ladinski, Luka Sokolić, Ivan Belfinger, Luka Stepančić, Nikola Špelić, Slaven Brdar, Dario Černeka, Krešimir Kozina, Vedran Huđ, Robert Markotić, Marino Marić and Ivan Slišković.

According to the Ordinance on the Presentation of the Award, Sandra Perković and Dino Mansour will receive the prizes in cash, in the gross amount of HRK 20.000,00, while each member of the women and men's team shall receive the prizes in cash in the gross amount of HRK 2.000,00.